Canadian lobster carbonara soup and glazed daikon – 460

Papaya soup, pickled garlic, celery and organic Chiang Mai vinegar – 370


Scallop and sea urchin tartare, clams, local pickled chanterelle, cauliflower and truffle – 1860

Gillardeau no.2 special oysters, crunchy apple, cucumber nage and tamarind sorbet – 930

Root vegetable ravioli, herb oil and Arabica coffee sauce – 620

Grilled foie gras in a lemon balm and fish sauce consommé, tomato, wild rocket and Uraiwan farm lemon confit – 1240


Steamed umemadai served with celeriac julienne and truffle butter – 2400

Pan-seared Itoyori, edamame, bell pepper and roasted fish stock – 1490

Miyagi scallops, taro, parsley gelée and cotton tree flowers in a vegetable red wine sauce – 1760


Pan-seared Pan-seared Kamui beef fillet, smoked paprika sautéed potato, capers,
tomato confit and black garlic foam – 2670

Pan-seared pigeon breast, butternut squash purée, garlic confit and lapsang souchong tea infusion – 2350

Pan-seared ostrich fillet, local russula mushrooms, broccoli purée and Aglandau extra virgin olive oil – 1490


Chestnut soup, sherry vinegar and romaine lettuce – 370

Root vegetable ravioli, herb oil and Arabica coffee sauce – 620

Pennywort pasta gratin, déclinaison of cabbage and shallot – 810


Sweet potato, black cardamom and white chocolate – 390

Blood orange, green & yellow mango, carrot, vanilla and pecan nuts – 320

Rose ice cream in crystalized rose petals – 410

Mille-feuille “Napoleon” – 340

Our signature dessert selection – 470

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