Owner of the Michelin star Côte Saint Jacques restaurant and hotel in Burgundy Jean-Michel Lorain is one of the most highly respected chefs in France.

Teaming up with his father Michel in the family business established by his grandmother, herself an esteemed chef, the Lorain’s culinary efforts had been justly rewarded with the restaurant’s first two coveted Michelin stars being awarded to Michel in 1971 and 1976 with a third following in 1986 for the perfectly matched father and son team of Michel and Jean-Michel. Jean-Michel’s commitment and enthusiasm in providing his guests with outstanding fare that is not a mere meal but a culinary journey for the senses have led to these exemplary standards being maintained to this very day.


Italian native Chef Amerigo Sesti has worked in a number of Michelin-starred establishments throughout Europe in his quest for achieving culinary excellence. Since graduating in Tourism and Gastronomy from the Lycée d’Hotellerie de Gascogne and after attending the prestigious catering school of San Pellegrino he has had the opportunity to work under eminent names in the restaurant field including Alain and Michel Roux and Patrick O’Connell.

Before relocating to Thailand he honed his skills to a fine degree at Jean-Michel Lorain’s Côte Saint Jacques, itself the holder of Michelin stars, under the tutelage of Jean-Michel himself.


Inheriting her passion for cooking from her father acclaimed chef and holder of Michelin stars Jean-Michel Lorain, Marine Lorain has proven herself more than worthy of carrying on the family tradition of culinary excellence.

Before joining her father in running the family business her training and experience led her to being awarded an Advanced Specialist Degree in Restaurants and Kitchens from the Lycée d’Hotellerie Biarritz which brought her into contact with luminaries such as Alain Roux when she worked as Chef de Rang at the acclaimed Waterside Inn in England, the first restaurant outside France to retain 3 Michelin stars for 25 consecutive years.

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